Friday, August 15, 2014

Resident Evil REmake 2015 Remaster

That's right! One of my favorite games is getting a remaster/port to new-gen consoles, and PC to boot!
Disregarding the fact that my laptop is slowly but surely dying from the inside out, I'll most likely be getting the PC version (although this is subject to change). It is a disappointment that there will be no WiiU version, especially since the original remake (oxymoron) was ported to Wii. Of course that means that technically we can already play the REmake on WiiU, but then it's lacking all of the remastered features, which encompass more than simply a graphical update. The remaster will also feature analog controls (presumably in the style of Silent Hill 2/Devil May Cry), which will hopefully appeal to people who are ordinarily more critical toward control schemes. I've lost a lot of faith in Capcom as a company as of late, but this might just be a small step toward redemption.

G2D Montage: Shadow of the Colossus LP (Summer 2012) Part 2

Another three episodes; enjoy.

G2D Montage: Haunting Ground Part 2

G2D Montage: Shadow of the Colossus LP (Summer 2012) Part 1

I wanted to go back and refine our older Let's Play series. I'm not great at sticking with these sorts of things, but I'll try to produce abridged versions of all the series we uploaded on our other YouTube channels, except Star Fox Adventures (which is still in the making, but will be transfered to the G2D Plays Channel), Silent Hill Origins (which is nearly complete, if it isn't already complete and uploaded), and Eternal Darkness (although we may eventually make a greatest momments montage in honor of this series particularly).

G2D Montage: Haunting Ground Part 1

Some stuff from late winter.

Ingmar: A story of Redemption

Never, ever forget

Dayz Stories: The Singing Traveler

Another story to pull on your heart strings.