Saturday, February 23, 2013

Deer Hunter 3 Soundtrack on Townsounds

I never owned or played the 3rd Deer Hunter game, but, after doing some research in the credits section of Rocky Mountain Trophy Hunter 3 a while back, we discovered that some of the game's soundtracks were produced(and most likely composed) by Townsounds. Upon locating this company's website, I noticed that they had a link to a sample of the Deer Hunter 3 soundtrack. I decided that it was too enjoyable not to share, so I decided to post a link to the sample. If I ever get the game, I'll try to upload the soundtrack to my channel(or if someone else who owns the game would be so kind as to upload an extended version, I would very much appreciate it.   :)    ). Anglerbe, Eljoeyo and me also decided that this soundtrack contained some similarities to the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, "Keys The Ruin".

Townsounds' Website

Sounded a bit similar to:

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