Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gamed2Death Swap Meet Scavenge 2

Joined by Jburitto and StevieJay, armed with a healthy amount of cash and a ravenous desire to rid partially of its presence in hopes of obtaining something usable. Actually, we aren't bent on wasting money as much as we tend to grow infatuated with things we didn't realize we wanted until we saw them; but I imagine most people can relate to that. Anyway, we ended up spending exactly 100$ between the five of us, and as such, it is unarguable that our profit in goods was far more significant than that proceeding our previous scavenge. While not every purchase made pertained directly to video games, as of yet, everything was well worth the cash spent. But you don't have to take my generic praises as granted truth; as usual, I'll proceed to list our purchases below. Enjoy!

Purchase:     Nintendo 64 Console, Controller
Purchased by:     Anglerte
Price:     35$
Year Released:     1996
Rare?:     Not really, but this thing was in an admirably clean condition, and unlike most of its local sisters, was packaged with everything it needed to function at a basic level
Other Significance:     It's a Nintendo 64. What do you want from me?

Purchase:     Game Boy Advance
Purchased by:     StevieJay
Price:     25$
Year Released:     2001
Rare?:    No
Other Significance:     He wanted an original-style Game Boy Advance

Game:     Quake
Purchased by:     Anglerte (for Porpoisemonkey)
Price:     5$
Platform:     Nintendo 64
Year Released:     1998
Rare?:     unknown
Other Significance: Porpoisemonkey's birthday is on August 16th. Send flowers.

Game:     WipeOut 64
Purchased by:    Anglerbe
Price:     3$
Platform:     Nintendo 64
Year Released:     1998
Rare?:     probably not
Other Significance: We wanted at least one game for my new N64. This one was relatively cheap.

Game:     Gauntlet: Dark Legacy
Purchased by:    StevieJay
Price:     Free
Platform:     Game Boy Advance
Year Released:     2002
Rare?:     unknown
Other Significance: It came free with the system.

Game:     Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne
Purchased by:    Anglerbe (for Porpoisemonkey)
Price:     7$
Platform:     Xbox
Year Released:     2003
Rare?:     probably not
Other Significance: Will possibly record full play-through

That basically concludes every relevant purchase we made, but there was a lot of other good stuff, which we detailed in the corresponding update video, which I'll probably end up posting just before this (I decided to make this list before editing the video update; get over it). There were also plenty of relevant items that we came uncomfortably close to obtaining, but fell back on for various reasons, most of which pertained to monetary concerns and discouragements. These items include a 20$ Super Nintendo Entertainment System (a bare-bones console lacking of any and all chords and hardware necessary to make it function) a 40$ Sega Game Gear, and a Scarface blanket.  

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