Thursday, August 15, 2013

Top 10 Games That Destroy Friendships

We've all been there. A group of friends sitting around, discussing life and playing video games, not a care in the world. Then suddenly somebody decides it would be a great idea to dust one of these off. Not only do said person's friends not try to stop him, they actually think it's a good idea. Everyone rushes to grab a controller, hoping to win the player-one raffle, and sits back, expecting a good time.
Then the game starts. Everything starts out pretty smoothly. Heck, this is might just be the most fun they've had all week. But as time progresses, something sinister happens. Little by little, each individual grows to hate every other with a fiery passion indescribable by the English language.
Not sure why I decided to write this in story-form. Couldn't bail out once I started, I guess. My point here is that there are certain games that undeniably possess a curse that causes one being to develop a kind of hostility toward another. The following games maintain this curse.

10. Minecraft

Because nobody who plays this game has a life... ;) admittedly I put this one on mostly just to irritate certain non-specific persons.

9. GoldenEye 007 Reloaded

I unfortunately haven't played enough of the original to know whether the same principles apply, but in this version certain characters in multiplayer have...well, overpowered bonuses, which a majority of the characters lack. At first it doesn't seem like a big deal, but when your friend's character survives a direct hit from your RPG rocket, it becomes aggravatingly obvious.

8. Mario Kart

Not quite as bad as the ones further down the list, but you've gotta admit that getting bombarded with blue and red shells just inches before the finish line, only to be passed at the last second, isn't exactly pleasant.

7. Warlight (aka Risk)

I think this one is fairly self explanatory if you know how the game works... if not, why not check out some of our videos on it? I'm sure you'll be more than informed.

6. Ultimate Duck Hunting

I'm not going to lie and tell you this was ever a good game, but maybe that's exactly why it fits this list. Ordinarily bad games are fun to screw around in with friends. Not this one. On top of the clunky, barely functional controls, you can steal your friend's ducks before they get a chance to retrieve them. And if you had any idea how painstaking it is to get even one in this game, you would understand immediately why this fits the list so well.

5. Monopoly

Not even just the video game. The actual board game. It never ends. EVER. And the later into the night it goes on, the more you start to take the little pieces of paper seriously.

4. Little Big Planet

The reason this isn't closer to the number 1 spot is that its destructiveness depends on the situation. Although perhaps not AS common as New Super Mario Bros., this game gives you plenty of room to "accidentally" slap your friends a pit of lava or destroy their creations.

3. New Super Mario Bros. U

As those of you who follow us may know, core G2D members don't yet possess a WiiU. However, after playing maybe an hour of the game when Eljoeyo brought his over, I can tell you that this is just a recipe for absolute disaster. Four players on one screen is bad enough as is, but throw in the fact that the tablet can be used to spawn blocks which halt the movement of the other players, and you have one serious friendship destroyer.

2. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
There is no such thing as co-op in this game.
What's this!? A top-down Zelda game with--could it be?--CO-OP MULTIPLAYER?! This is so cool! It's almost too good to be tr--STOP THROWING ME OFF THE LEDGE!!!

1. Mario Party (All of them)

Round 1: Hey this is pretty cool!
Round 2: That was a fun mini-game.
Round 4: Still no star...

 I couldn't help but notice that there's an abundance of Mario games on here... and to think, kids play these games...

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